Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scathing Gene

    I always thought that Willy Wonka maintained a healthy balance of sexy and brutal.  One minute he is poised and well composed, then the next he is having your children sucked up tubes, rolled out of the factory or he is screaming at you.  He is terrifying if you think about it, but still sexy.  He's got great style.  And a chocolate factory to have awesome parties at.  I bet he chills with all sorts of sexy women in the chocolate pool.  And when he tires of them, he just has them sucked up and away. 
     He should write the book on pimpin'.


        Pimps, take note.  You can learn a lot from a screaming Gene Wilder.  I suggest you can use this sort of tone with some of your more defiant and mouthy ladies.

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